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The founder of a popular Ugandan children’s group, Ghetto Kids, which has taken the world by storm with their impressive dance moves, has spoken up about their exceptional performance on Britain’s Got Talent.

Picture: Uganda dance group, Ghetto Kids at Britain’s Got Talent

During their performance over the weekend, the group received a standing ovation and made history by becoming the first act to receive the “Golden Buzzer,” an accolade usually only given at the end of the show, but the judges couldn’t contain their excitement.

Speaking to BBC Newsday, Daouda Kavuma, the group’s founder, described their dance as “African comic dance,” and he believes that’s what the judges loved. He added that their energy, comic style, and natural expression and happiness made them stand out.

Picture: Uganda dance group: Ghetto Kids

Kavuma started the group to help orphans and street children, providing them with a home, food, education, and entertainment. Having lived on the streets as an orphan himself, he wanted to give back to society, and soccer was his inspiration. “I got someone who helped me. He didn’t know me but helped me because of soccer,” he explained. “Then there I promised one day I would help at least one child from the street.” The group’s performances have helped change negative perceptions about street children in Uganda, and the children love performing. On Sunday, Uganda’s Ministry congratulated the group and shared a video of their performance.

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