The Islamic State Mozambique (ISM) terror group has given Christians and Jews within the country an ultimatum to either convert to Islam or pay a tax if they wish to avoid being slaughtered. The terrorist group in a handwritten letter posted on social media declared an endless war on the Mozambique crusader army, Christians and Jews.

Picture: Some Christians affected by attacks


According Zitamar News, they insisted “Submit to Islam, pay tax or accept an endless war.”, the message warns Christians and Jews in the country. In a threat to the country’s army, it added, “We will escalate the war against you until you submit to Islam. We desire to kill you or be killed, for we are martyrs before God, so submit or run from us.”


They also threatened to harm Muslims who associate with the Mozambican government and vowed to find them regardless of their location.


According to the senior analyst at the Bridgeway Foundation, Ryan O’Farrell, the ISM is attempting to mimic the Islamic State in Syria. He however added that they lack the required administrative capacity and consistent presence you see in the Islamic State West Africa Presence (ISWAP).


In the mostly Muslim region of Cabo-Delgado in the otherwise Christian-majority Mozambique, Islamic extremists kidnap women and keep them as sex slaves and force boys to become child soldiers, The Washington Post reported last month. To help in the fight against the terrorists, 24 countries have donated troops to Mozambique hoping that it would turn the tides in their favour.