Ghanaian Gospel artiste, Pastor Joseph Kai revealed that he has over 600 songs recorded. The artist who also serves as the Dawenya branch pastor of the Living Word Outreach Ministries expressed how all these songs are gifts from the Holy Spirit.


The path to music was not one the artiste thought he would take. He expressed during his interview on the Gospel Drive Online how although he had been established in the church choir since JHS, he never imagined himself recording a song. Music was not the only thing he thought he would not do. His rise to being a branch pastor was also not a thought he had accepted in his mind. He always had a passion for GOD but thought it would be confined to a position as a disciple. GOD had other things planned for him.


The artist just released a song titled “Enuonyam hene” which he seeks to promote to the world as a means to glorify GOD.





Pastor Joseph Kai revealed in the interview how the idea for the song came to him. According to the artist, he received the lyrics and inspiration for the song before the annual music concert hosted by his church. 


Living Word Outreach Ministries usually invites artists to minister during this concert, however, this year was different. They decided to only allow members of their church to perform providing him with the opportunity to sing. It was after this announcement that he divinely received the tune and lyrics for the song. He performed this to his children who in turn got addicted to it. This prompted him to minister with it at the concert and he did exactly that. 


Enuonyam Hene has received praise from listeners and is currently streaming on all music platforms.

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