Another School Term is here


Another School Term is here..
Glory to God

#DECLARE this over your  #CHILD/REN

May all our Children have a fabulous term and Excel in all subjects.

May no weapon formed against their academics and morale life's prosper.

May they be delivered from evil friends and bad association.

May they be responsible and respectful and reasonable.

May no evil teacher ,school worker or visitor take advantage of them unduly.

May food poison or desease outbreak in the school not affect them.

May they love and care for all and by so doing introduce Jesus to some.

May their teachers give their best in teaching and help them understand all their subjects without name calling and humiliation.

May no teacher target and hate them for whatever reason.

May none of their mates hate them for being smart, truthful
and principled.

May they walk with wisdom and know when to say NO without fear or favour.

May they enjoy the food at the canteen knowing that it's part of the school fees and not leave their snacks to spoil.

May they learn to keep their uniforms clean and stay neat all day.

May they remember to wear nose masks and I serve all the covid protocols in school

May their Headmisstresses and Headmasters not humiliate and make them a ridicule for their parents inability to settle their school fees on time.

May all parents and guardian's have the means to settle all fees and provide for them this whole term especially during career day and all those excursions they never experienced whilst in school.

May their going to school and returning home not bring any bad news of accident either on the road or at school.

May they not Carry last position in class and make parents proud with their grades.

May all parents and guardian's say AMEN if they agree to these prayer points  and feel free to add theirs if any.

Mavis Folson did I leave anything out?


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