A 6-year-old Texas boy by the name of Bodie Boring, survived a brush with death as he was accidentally run over by an 18,000-pound bulldozer.

Picture: 6-year-old Bodie Boring

Reports from KBTX-TV reveal that on July 27, Bodie Boring was on a job site with his father when the accident occurred.

Bodie was hospitalized with numerous injuries, including fractures in his pelvic bone, two bruised lungs, a fractured, blood clot in his brain, and a bleeding brain," his mother Samantha Boring told the outlet. In addition, he was later diagnosed with COVID-19 which he contracted in the hospital. 

In a Facebook post, his mother wrote, "Bodie told me 'Mommy I knew when I saw that blade about to hit me that I was gonna die.' Honestly, I screamed all the way to the Temple begging God not to take my baby, to the point where I had a seizure from the panic”.

Samantha also pointed out to her followers that if they didn't believe in God, her son's survival is proof of His existence.

People from all over the country responded by sending donations, writing encouraging messages, and telling the family they were praying for Bodie. Bodie's cousin, Magen Boring, started a GoFundMe page to help with his medical expenses. As of Aug. 8, the campaign has raised $51,390 toward a goal of $60,000. 

Then on July 31, Samantha posted a video showing Bodie walking down the hospital hallway using a walker -- just four days after his accident, and as of 4th August, he was walking unassisted. He was officially discharged by the hospital on 5th August, to continue his recovery at home.

Picture: Facebook post from Boring’s mother about his discharge

Supporting one another not just in good times but in tough times too should be the hallmark of every believer. The person does not have to be in your family, and neither does the person have to be even a Christian. The fact that you are and that is what Christ would have done and instructs us to do through the Bible should be enough reason. Love for all is enough reason.

This testimony proves that there is nothing that GOD cannot do. There is no problem too hard or disease too complicated that he cannot heal or solve. Never lose your faith. Never stop praying because that prayer will be answered.

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