Seattle Pacific University has sued the state attorney general in court for using his office to conduct investigation into the university’s hiring practices.

Picture: Seattle Pacific University

The university which is based in Seattle, Washington filed a 22-page complaint on July 27, accusing the attorney general for "wielding state power to interfere with the religious beliefs of a religious university he disagrees with.


The office of Bob Ferguson, who is the Washington attorney general, opened a civil rights investigation into the university’s employment policies after some members of staff and students questioned the institutions refusal to hire LGBTQ members.


The university was sued by a LGBTQ faculty applicant for sexual orientation discrimination. Students and faculty staff shortly after called for the school to drop its position on sexuality along with a vote of “no confidence”, according to Courthouse News.


"The First Amendment protects the ability of religious organizations to follow the teachings of their faith on marriage and sexual relationships outside marriage, and to maintain policies consistent with those beliefs.", the university’s complaint said.


It further added that, the Attorney General’s probe into its affairs, violates its rights by coming between the university and the Free Methodist Church. An affiliation which has existed for over 130 years.


The Attorney General’s office, however kicked backed at the university’s complaint by stating that it did not assume the university’s employment policy was illegal rather they just sought to receive answers to basic questions asked. They added that,they only wanted to ensure that the university was in compliance with the state law.


The U.S. Supreme Court has recently said that the First Amendment serves as protection for the university to make its hiring and personnel decisions on the basis of its Statement of Faith. 


The appeals court ruled that the former employee's lawsuit must be dismissed because the Constitution forbids the government from interfering with a religious school's selection of who will pass on the faith to its students.

Picture: Recruitment Process

As Christians, it is vital that we are cautious of who we allow into our circle. Regardless of what the world tolerates, we are not of the world but rather of GOD. Iron, sharpens iron; so a man sharpens the countenance of his friend (Proverbs 27:17).


We cannot afford to be in constant association with just anyone or call anyone a friend. We have to scrutinize all people around us using the Word of GOD before allowing them into our circle. This prevents the world from negatively influencing what GOD had deposited in you with its beliefs.


This however, does not mean we are to isolate ourselves from the world and not talk to them about JESUS CHRIST. We are to preach to all about CHRIST and love them with the love of GOD but not allow their beliefs influence you.

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