From the dawn of Christianity, churches around the world were given the utmost reverence and seen as consecrated grounds for GOD. According to Canada-based Ghanaian artiste, Pastor Jervis Djokoto, this is slowly becoming a thing of the past as some churches are being transformed into pubs in Canada.

Picture: Pastor Jervis Djokoto


Unlike Africa where pubs and places of entertainment can be converted into places of worship, North American countries like Canada are doing the opposite. In 2008, the Newfoundland church, Canada was purchased and converted into a brewery, restaurant, hotel, and spa. The lack of reverence for places of worship is what Pastor Jervis Djokoto emphasized during his interview on the Gospel Drive Online on Kristocentric Station.


“In Ghana, there are a lot of Christian activities everywhere. It is a very religious country. In North America especially Canada, it is not like that. In Canada, it is the opposite. Churches are being turned into pubs and cinemas. Since the 1360s there has been a sharp decline in religious participation”, he said.


This trend of shutting down or conversion of churches into other business ventures is not just happening in Canada. It is happening all around the world. In China, people have been restricted from attending churches outside those sanctioned by the government. These are the Catholic Patriotic Church, the China Christian Council, and the Protestant Three-Self church. In Russia, the anti-terrorism law was passed in 2016. This ushered in stringent restrictions on missionary activity and evangelism. Believers are refrained from sharing their faith in homes, online, or anywhere. Punishment for violating these laws is facing prison time.