Dear Body Of Christ

His Excellency The Holy Spirit just engaged my thoughts with this revelation and I thought I could share with you.

Hope you are keeping well
ie: washing your hands with running water and soap,using hand sanitizer as and when you have to,keeping at least 3 metres away from people and also praying and declaring Psalm 91 over you and your loved ones.

I believe we are in a season where many weaker vessels including the very elect may fall along the journey of faith.

Truth is many will come up with lots of flimsy excuses for abandoning their faith and becoming lackadaisical in their approach to the Kingdoms business if care is not taken during this season.

How, so you may ask?
Till the ban of large gatherings is lifted (Due to precautions for not spreading the Corona virus), many who hitherto walked to church will have no place to go for fellowship.

Many who were offered free rides by good samaritans or were picked up by church buses will not be able to go to the church for fellowship.

Many who found joy and upliftment by physically going to church (Building)will not have that privilege for a while.

In fact Many who were bombarded with phone calls and text messages before they went to church might not have it happening again till the suspension is over.

Now ask yourself what will such people be doing during a period as this whilst church meetings might be on going (ON LINE) ?

It is possible even the elect which includes certain Pastors,Elders,Deacons,Deaconeses,Choiristers, Instrumentalists,Ushers etc may be tempted to see it as a holiday and be engaged in other activities.

Many will have reasons to sleep more on sunday mornings ,or might go to the gym, cook for the week,do laundry,do general cleaning,watch movies/series or play football with few friends and eat omu tuo after, just to mention but a few.

After all, they will conclude in their hearts that Senior Pastor will not know whether they joined the service or not.

Even if the IT leader gives a roll call of those who were absent on the live stream, they will probably blame it on network or phone or data and might promise to watch later (which they might not)

I strongly believe this is a season for a real wake up by Christians across the globe.

The enemy is happy with this new development and because many are not used to Virtual Worship, He is now orchestrating plans to get us engaged with other things other than making time for the service of God. (Hes decieving many to go on break for a month till suspension is over)

As a matter of fact following social media posts and listening to radio and tv broadcasts Ive noticed that He is gradually succeeding in injecting fear,anxiety and panic into many Christians making us wonder if God can even rescue us in these times.

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