Dunsin Oyekan, the Eagle, shared in a candid interview with Mr. Fifi Folson of Kristocentric Station, how frustrations with his oil company drove him to discover God’s purpose and assignment for his life. In this exclusive interview, Dunsin Oyekan also shares his secret to writing and singing revelations, His divine connection with Kim Burrell, amongst others. Enjoy.



Dunsin: Hello


Fifi: That’s right, Ghana can hear you. Oh, my goodness, what songs. I must be honest; I haven’t played my favourite, the song that actually introduced you to me -  ‘Na You’ with Kim Barrell.


Dunsin: Oh wow


Fifi: Yeah, the song actually introduced you to me. I did a mix of some of the songs.  Hopefully, these are the songs you are likely to hear this evening if you show up at the Symphonic at 5pm. You’ve got to be there.


And so, my guest today, the Eagle. My first question is going to be off, but I’ll ask. How are you doing though?


Dunsin: I’m fine. I’m doing well.


Fifi: How does it feel to be back in Ghana?


Dunsin: Well, you know, Ghana is……. Let me watch my words right now. Ghana is home for me - I believe there is this bliss in Ghana.


Fifi: Ok! We love that. The bliss is a good bliss. And so my first question is, what has an Industrial Chemist got to do with music like this?


Dunsin: I don’t know. People turn to ask me these questions. Let me be very honest with you…… this is not the path I chose - I just wanted to be an Oil Magnate. And if you know anything about Dunsin Oyekan, if I really want to do something, I go for it. I don’t see impossibilities. You can never tell me no.


After school, I did my NYSC at Nigeria’s biggest oil corporation - NMPC. Whilst I was serving, I had already plotted my graph.


So, I had planned my way. I wanted to start mud chemicals drilling, go into oil mud. I went for it and got my licenses whilst doing my NYSC. This is the first time I’m sharing this story on air.



Fifi: And what happened?


Dunsin: And then, we started. I got some technical guys from Trinidad and Tobago and some guys from India and we were ready to row –   we did all our work and set up the company in Port Harcourt. I was very determined. Then we got all the licenses we needed and then we started biding for jobs. Then I noticed that at every point we bid, something happens.


Let me give you a very good example: so I bided for this job, and because my friend new the owners of the company, the job was given us. Then in two weeks, this militancy thing struck on another level in Port Harcourt and then companies had to fold up. They packed and moved to Lagos. So, at every point I wanted to do something, I get the green light and then something happens. Then I said, Lord, what exactly is happening here?


And he said, no, I have not called you to work. I’ve called you to serve me. I’ve called you to myself. So,that started my journey into music. Of course, I started playing professional music in 1994. I tell people I didn’t just pick it up in 2000.


Fifi: Hmm, what a journey.


Dunsin: Yes, it’s been quite a journey.


Fifi: I notice you play all the instruments, is that right?


Dunsin:  Y-e-a-h I try my best.


Fifi: What’s your favourite?


Dunsin: Uh, so I’m a Base player. I’m still active, still very active.


Fifi: Ok. You know whilst you were sharing your testimony of how you wanted to be an Oil Magnate, and the Lord actually moving you to music, got me to look at one of your quotes. You said, “God shows you the future and not the process. The process may not look like it but you will surely get to the expected end.” You feel you are on that path, right?


Dunsin: Yes Sir. You know, like I was saying - I want to tie the knot together. So, I started music very early in life and it has always been clear from the beginning that there is something musical about me.


So, when I now gave in to God, I decided, let me be a music director and just raise musicians. I just wanted to be the Don behind the music, making things happen.


It will shock everybody that I never used to sing. I never wanted to sing. I just wanted to raise musicians.


Fifi: Really?


Dunsin:  No, I never wanted to sing. I just wanted to raise musicians. I was on the Base as a music director, controlling music, determining the music and everything. So that’s all I wanted to do. I remember one day my choir, then, was rehearsing. They were supposed to do a song on Sunday so we were rehearsing on Saturday. And if you know anything about my music directing, it can be very tedious - I keep people for 10hours. Yeah, at the start I told you that if I want something I go all out.


Fifi: Yeah, yeah, yeah


Dunsin: And so I collected the mic from the guy who was leading and I was showing him, do it like this…………., and then everybody just turned to me and said, no Sir, you should be the one to lead the song. And I was like, no, are you guys serious. No, no, no, so I taught the guy.


On Sunday morning, I just saw this bunch of guys coming to me, coming to beg me to lead the song. I told them I am on the Base, but they said somebody else will play the Base. Till the beginning of the song, they were looking up to me to lead. So I had to do it for the first time in a very long time - you know, apart from being in Junior Choir and Children Choir.


The church just saw me with a microphone, wondering ……what’s happening here? I remember the Pastors were just looking at me. And you know, the rest is history. That’s where the journey started from. You know God is a master planner, sometimes He makes you stumble into purpose. You just stumble. And you know, the very first song I wrote was ‘Na You’.


Fifi: Are you kidding me?


Dunsin: I am telling you the truth.


Fifi: And you got a whole Kim Burrell on that song. How did that happen?


Dunsin: That’s another story. So, the Lord connected me to Kim Burrell in the realm of the spirit.


Fifi: Can you break that down?


Dunsin: Ok, so I believe that my connection with Kim Burrell was done in the realm of the Spirit before we met. I had been feeding on her materials for years before I met her. And I had been telling everybody around me, you see this woman, we’re gonna be so close.


Fifi: Really?


Dunsin: people go like, are you sure? And I always said I know; I can feel it in my spirit; there’s an umbilical cord that joins us together. I don’t know what it is yet, but there is something about her that resonates with me. And then 3years down the line, she was coming to Lagos for something; I was on the plane praying, and the Lord said, make sure she comes to your church. So as soon as I got off the plane, I did all the arrangements and we got her in. And when she came, I remember we sat in the room for 2hours talking. She had not seen me minister, she’s not seen the choir, knew nothing about me.  And I just barely started singing so it wasn’t about singing. We clicked so much in 2hours, that she had to say out of her mouth  “you’re the son I never had.”

Fifi: hmm


Dunsin: In two hours, it was as if we’d known each other for years.


Fifi: I under what you mean by spiritual connection.


Dunsin: Oh yeah. So we speak a lot. I have not spoken to her in two months but the day we speak, it’s as if we’ve been in touch. That’s a woman that I love so much. So that’s the connection. So when it was time to sing, it wasn’t hard. As a matter of fact, she was feasting on Na You when she lost her mum.


I sent her Na You, not with the intention that she should sing, but that just happened to be the song that helped her through that process. And I remember when she came to Nigeria, she was like hey, we’ve got to do that song together, I love it so much. And you know, I remember teaching her the lyrics over time, even right on stage.


Fifi: I know, she’s used to that. I’ve seen a couple of videos where she stopped the song to sing it. She’s awesome, she’s in a world of her own.


Dunsin: She’s a genius. I believe people like Kim Burrell passes through this world every 50 or 100 years. The gift in that lady is amazing - the anointing. There is a part of Kim Burrell people don’t see - the prophetic part. Oh Lord……. She’s a prophetess, she’s accurate, very accurate in the realm of the spirit.


I have this very awesome privilege to always be with her - when I’m in the States, I don’t go to a hotel. I always stay at her home.


Fifi: You are blessed


Dunsin: Yeah, so I’ve seen Kim Burrell as a Mum, I’ve seen Kim Burrell as a Lady, I’ve seen her as a Christians, and I can tell you, she’s really specials.


Fifi: The way you say Kim Burrell is like one who passes through this world every 50 or 100 years, you know, it’s the same way I see you.


Dunsin: Oh wow


Fifi: yeah, I’m telling you this, having done this work for 14years, your music carries something, its very unusual. How does Dunsin Oyekan get what he gets?


I put on social media, what question should I ask him? They said how does he get his music?


Dunsin: Ok, let me say this. God does not give a song, He gives sounds. And I’m talking from my personal walk with God. Whatever you see now, I stumbled into it. There was no manual, no body taught me the protocol of His presence. I just stumbled into what you see now.


God does not give a song, He gives sounds. He told me Himself, He said a song comprise of the melody, the lyrics and the music. This is one of my greatest secrets.


Fifi: You wanna write it down quickly?


Dunsin: a sound comprises the melody, the lyrics and the music. What do I mean? God gives these three elements; that’s what makes it a sound.


So I remember when I started this journey, one of my greatest prayers, still is, Psalm 65:4 -  David said, blessed is the man whom God causes to approach Him. I believe that there is a level you get to in our walk with God where He himself pulls you.


Like I tell people, never go to God for a song. Desire a relationship and he’ll give you a well. So I don’t go to God with the intention of getting songs. I just desire this relationship with the father.


Like the ‘Breathe’ that everyone listen’s to and celebrate - we thank God for the things He’s doing. God took me on a journey of two years. So He gave me the chorus two years before. I knew it wasn’t complete because he gave me the formula: melody, music, lyrics. I write and arrange my own songs so I knew that He had given me a part of the song and it wasn’t complete yet, so I waited. It was after two years I heard, …….. Father to son, spirit to spirit.


And I remember that day, when I was teaching my team the song during the rehearsals, when it got to ……’just breathe your name upon me, breathe.’ Every time we got to that point, I kept singing it, I told them something was missing. They said it was fine. But I kept telling them I know something is missing. My spirit is telling me something is missing.


So I went to the Lord praying, not for the song, just enjoying fellowship. People ask me, how do you pray? I say I just go to Him to enjoy fellowship. I don’t have a prayer point. I can’t remember the last time I asked God for something. I just go to chat, cause God is looking for Friends.


Fifi: Koinonia, you call it


Dunsin: Yeah, koinonia. And I remember, the heavens opened and the Lord said, let me take you to a place I have never taken you before. I said what do you mean Lord? And the Lord told me, I want to take you from the throne room to the secret place of thunder. I asked, what does that mean? He said that is where we made you. That was where Lucifer himself was made. He said, this is a place where angels dread to thread. This is the place where we said, let us make man.


So I knew I was at that spot for some time, then I started hearing, “just like in the beginning, where I was before you formed me”, as soon as I heard that, I remembered Jeremiah 1 - before I formed thee, I knew you…… “where I was before you formed me in the place of koinonia” - fellowship, tet a tet.  


You know he’s called the father of all spirits in whom there is no variableness or shadow of turning, according to James 1:17.


God is the Father of all spirits, I believe that everyone is an extension of God’s spirit. You literally moved out of His spirit and He put a form on you and gave you a name. That’s why Job, by revelation says that, there is a spirit in man, and only the breath of the Almighty gives him understanding. So he called me to that place and started giving me the lyrics.


People ask me, an Industrial Chemist, how come your lyrics are so deep? I don’t know anything. I’m telling you the truth, I am a conc industrial chemist, a science student. I don’t even know. How do you write what you do not know?

Fifi: you know what, I’ve got a lot of messages coming in and people are in awe of how God is using you.


You have such a rich line-up of songs. I went through your profile, and I noticed that averagely every year, you release about 4 albums. In 2018, you had about 6 albums.


How do you get songs like that?


Dunsin:  Ok, so songs come to me on a daily basis. Unless I don’t worship. So my songs are a compilation of what happens to me in the secret place. My sounds are just a communication between me and the father. Our example is simple, David. I was telling some people yesterday that, the reason why the psalms are so relevant even today is because, event right now, if you read psalms 29, you are revisiting the wells of David. The reality of what happened to David, thousands of years ago, will re-occur by you visiting those psalms.


There are some songs that we never release, because they are just love songs between me and my father. There are some songs that He’s told me i will release in three year.


So I always tell people, there is no need to rush. Destiny is not a destination, it’s an adventure – you never get there. Don’t be in a hurry, calm down. The kingdom of God is like a mustard seed. This was Jesus Himself speaking.


Fifi: You sound like your head is hidden in the Bible. I’m looking at the shape of your head…… lol. You have the word.


Dunsin: That’s what we sing, the word. We don’t sing songs, we sing revelations. I just want to pour out to anyone who’s listening to me, the Lord told me that the wells of prophetic worship is going to breakout over Ghana. That is why you see me pour out like this. There are many things I am not supposed to say but I’m saying it because I want people to be able to tap into the wells.


In this season, the Lord is bringing back the tabernacle of David. It’s not going to be worship as usual. It’s going to be prophetic worship. And strongly believe that what the Lord said to me is going to happen. Prophetic worshippers are going to rise, it’s a season upon Ghana. That is why I am pouring out, because I want people to learn from me.


We can go deeper. Search these things. As a matter of fact, have you noticed even God Himself does not come without a sound? Genesis 3:8, the Bible says they heard the sound of the Lord walking in the Garden. There must be a sound, sounds in the realms of the spirit are like ladders. They are what make you climb. In fact, sounds are divine excuses for God to come.


Fifi: that’s a deep one there


Dunsin: what do I mean by that? I’ve been on a journey, and God gives me…. ‘channels of my spirit open up’. Then you who haven’t been on the journey could tap into my sound and then enter into that. That’s an excuse for God to come. I believe God is opening the wells and that’s why we must look for the real thing.


I always tell my mentees, we need the real thing in this season. The things the world is dealing with can be arrested by a sound. For anything the Lord allows the enemy to do, it can be arrested by a sound. Revelations 11:15 and the angel sounded the trumpet. What were the tokens of that trumpet? The kingdoms of this world have now become the kingdoms of our God and His Christ.


Fifi: What would be your message to Ghanaians?


Dunsin: Ghana, listen to me. My only message is Jesus at the centre. I believe the only person who can solve what the world is facing now is, Jesus. How do you fight what you cannot see? Have you thought about that? I love Ghana, it’s a religious nation, but I believe that God is calling everyone back to Himself in this season. We need to go back to basics.


Fifi: A big thank you to you for joining us. My name is Fifi Folson, can you mention my name?


Dunsin: Fifi Folson


Fifi: Tell me you love me


Dunsin: I love you Sir; did I pronounce your name right?


Fifi: Yeah. I really appreciate you. I’ve shared your music for many years and it’s an honour meeting you.

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