Dominic Kudjoe better known as Akostik is a Minister of the Gospel and a lover of music. The artiste who is currently studying for his Ph.d in Material Science from the United Kingdom was raised in a family of footballers and singers.


In an interview with Fifi Folson on the Gospel Drive Online, Akostik revealed how this trend influenced his career path. He actually started out with football at an early age before branching into music during his Senior High education. According to him, he received the opportunity to sing during that period which he took advantage of. The artiste, recalled how by taking this chance to sing helped him establish a legacy others can follow in his school.


The story of how he was influenced by family and friends to get into music and how he balances music and his academics screams out determination and service to GOD. It also raises the importance of choosing what influences the believer. Christians must be cautious of who they interact with and allow into their circle because bad company will corrupt good manners within them. Allowing people rooted in Christ to influence them will ensure that their faith and morals remain intact.




Gye W’Aseda by Akostik is a song of praise and gratitude from the heart of the singer to GOD. When asked where he received the inspiration from, the artiste answered that, he wrote the song in a period when GOD had saved him from a tragic situation and it was a way for him to say “Thank You GOD”


He revealed that, the song was not however the first he had written. He had composed a number of songs which he played to his friends, Gye W’Aseda was the one they selected hence he went for it. A decision he has not regretted.


He is scheduled to release another single titled ‘ HIS Mercies” in November 2022. Another song none would want to miss.


Gye W’Aseda can be streamed on all music platforms

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