Nigeria has recently faced its worst incident of floods in the last 2 decades. With water levels towering over some buildings, millions of citizens have been displaced from their homes whiles a number have lost their lives. However, in these dark moments, there is one person who gives a glimpse of hope to others even amid the havoc.

Picture: Flooding condition in Nigeria


An unidentified young man has caught the attention of people on social media while walking through the flood in Bayelsa while singing Michael Jackson’s ‘Heal the world '. In the video, the young man can be seen carrying a child while singing in an empathic manner the song of the late American singer.


Most Nigerians had lost hope as the flood had rampaged through the land. The flood has displaced millions of Nigerians to overcrowded displacement camps. The others completely cut off from the world, remain in communities swallowed by the waters. Efforts now focus on passing the damaged and partly impassable highway linking Rivers and Bayelsa states -- among the two most devastated regions.