How to get blessed

My Buddy in Kristo.
I've been thinking lately on how most of us miss our divine blessings by the way we misuse our God given talents.
Can I #EXPRESS my thoughts further????

You know Sometimes when our sole motive is to #IMPRESS people for self Glory, we tend to #SUPRESS the voice of The Holy Spirit which automatically makes us #DIGRESS from our God given assignments and ends us up in #DISTRESS.

I pray when we eventually come to the #CONSIOUSNESS of this error, like the prodigal son,we will not be too proud to #CONFESS our mistakes to Jesus our Saviour for help and redirection.

I say this with all #BOLDNESS, perhaps out of conviction , that when we do,He will take that #STRESS out of our lives and release His #GOODNESS and mercies to follow and guide us till we attain GOOD #SUCCESS.

That's how God #BLESSES his obedient servants.


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