The 2013 4syte music video of the year nominee, author of 2015’s Beautiful EP and 2017’s Shades of Mercy LP, in an interview with Fifi Folson on Gospel Drive Online, shared the story of how she was arrested in the UK for shoplifting mascara.

“I was 18. I had this one friend who could just walk through the store and by the time she comes out on the other side, everything she needs she has. So that day I was like, It must not be difficult. But honestly, I feel GOD uses every single situation for HIS glory”

She went through with shoplifting the mascara but was arrested in the process and was fined ₤70. It was after this incident that her mother decided to send her to Ghana to find Christ.

Although the daughter of a Lady pastor, Niiella started raising questions about some of her beliefs when growing up.

“Every human being will get to a position where they will have to make a decision for themselves. What it is they believe. What they are doing with their own lives, etc. Sometimes it is so much harder when you are in the spotlight and you’re trying to work things out. You don’t actually need all the pressure coming from other people. I know what other people think but what do I think.? Cuz what happens as well is that you can be 20, 30 years and wake up one day and be like, why am I actually here? I’m here because I followed other people and that’s scary. Cuz it’s almost like you were living someone else’ life and I was like, this can’t happen to me. I need to figure out why I am here. All the nonsense I was doing stemmed from this question of what’s my purpose? , why am I here? And figure out if I believed in GOD for myself. I was just searching, I was searching. In the midst of that, being young and everything, I have made a lot of mistakes but GOD being so good, here we are.”


The artiste who was first interviewed by Fifi Folson at Sunny FM for a reason completely unrelated to music, was introduced and groomed in the gospel industry by him after taking notice of her ability to sing.

Since then she has ministered at the “NEXT GENERATION GOSPEL MINISTERIES CONCERT” organized by Next Generation Gospel Ministers Network & PL Crew which featured some promising ministers like Joe Mettle & Akesse Brempong. The platform was formed to prepare and promote the NEXT GENERATION GOSPEL MINISTERS with the next edition scheduled to take place this year.

Since Niiella’s introduction into the gospel music industry, she has gone ahead to release a number of songs including ‘Obiara Nni ho’ ft Joe Mettle, Give it all, God like you, Loved by You and others.

She was nominated in the Breakthrough Artiste of Excellence category at the African Gospel Music and Media Awards 2018 held in London, Gospel Music Video of the Year at the 4syte music awards 2013 in Ghana, Emerging Woman of the Year at the just ended 3music awards 2022 held in Accra. She’s also been nominated in the ‘Female Vocal Performance of the year’ category at the upcoming Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2023 to be held in Accra.