Promising Gospel artiste, Efua Lucy,  revealed how her fear of death made her hand over her belongings to a fake prophet of GOD.  


In an interview on Fresh Tunes with Robynsyn Crusoe, Efua Lucy recounted how during her second year in the University of Ghana in 2017, she willingly gave her valuables and that of her roommates to a stranger portraying himself as a prophet. According to her, she did this on her way to a leadership handing over ceremony at night.

Photo: Efua Lucy


After receiving them, he proceeded to prophecy to her regarding a plan of the enemy to end her life. The words of the prophecy gripped her with fear and another gentleman who had connived with the man encouraged her to show some gratitude to the prophet in the form of either cash or kind.


The artiste was asked to hand over her phone and other accessories so they can be cleansed from demonic influence. She was further asked to bring from her room her devices and that of her roommates so they can also be prayed upon. Out of fear and panic, she obliged. After, handing the items over, she was asked to purchase water from a nearby market for cleansing which she rushed to get. When she returned, the men were nowhere to be found. They made away with 3 laptops, a phone, and a credit card. 


The experience she said, served as the inspiration she needed to write her hit song “ASEDA SE WO” later that year which she released in March 2022. As of 2022, the artiste had written an impressive more than 50 songs but had released only 1 citing the high cost of producing music as the major hindrance 

Picture: Cover art (ASEDA SE WO) by Efua Lucy


There are several stories of people who in the name of prophecy and faith, have sold their homes and given the money to the man of GOD. Others have turned against their families because their prophet has identified them as agents of the devil. This does not seek to discredit men of GOD but is a call to believers to be cautious of who they listen to and believe.


Christians should test not just the man of GOD but also the words spoken using the Bible. The scriptures say in 1 John 4:1 that Christians are not to believe every spirit but to try to know whether they are from GOD. Why? The reason is that many false prophets have gone into the world deceiving others and causing some to lose faith in Christ.


The Word of GOD accompanied by the guidance of the Holy Spirit should be diligently meditated on. This establishes and strengthens a believer’s faith. Through this, believers will be able to identify men who claim to represent GOD but do not.


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