There have been several testimonies of people who have escaped near-death experiences but unless it is personally felt or explained through someone close, it will be difficult to grasp. This is what Ghanaian Gospel artist Chiro Kofi Peprah went through firsthand.

Picture: Gospel artiste, Chiro Kofi Peprah


The artiste who is well versed in scripture and faith did not start out that way. According to him, although born into a Christian family, he had not received Christ personally and as such indulged in Christian eye service to please others but when given the opportunity would partake in activities not befitting of a believer till he experienced Christ for himself.


“As individuals, I’ve come to understand that we have our individuality and no one can take that from you. So I started my own journey to find Christ as a child. I’ve come to understand that children these days will choose their path. I chose my path because what you wanted to see I will let you see but it does not mean I have accepted it.”


When asked to recount events in his life that he attributed to the deliverance of GOD, Chiro Kofi Peprah pointed out to the host of Fresh Tunes, Robynsyn Crusoe, how the LORD divinely saved him from an accident that was bound to happen to him. He recalled how he was touched by the LORD to let go of a vehicle he would on a usual day battle to get in.


According to him, a bus headed to his destination stopped in front of him. Surrounded by many commuters who were eager to get in, the artiste along with other Christian friends felt the urge to let the vehicle go and submitted to the leading. Fascinating enough, about 30 seconds after the bus had set off, it was involved in a tragic accident.


“There was this day I was going to pick a trotro with fellow Christians. You see I’m strong so when the bus came some people just rushed to board it. So naturally, I would try to use my strength to enter but I just felt the urge to lay back and we all laid back. The people boarded the bus and just 30 seconds after the bus moved, there was an accident. There was blood and it was then I realized that we cannot rely on our strength.”