The Living Faith Ministries International Church, Ghana, is set to officially launch its groundbreaking Kingdom Summit 2022 targeted at liberating believers in Ghana from negative religious and cultural perceptions.

Picture: Kingdom Summit 2022


The summit which is themed ‘Your Kingdom Come’ will take place from the 6th to the 13th of November 2022 at 6:30 pm each night at the Living Faith church auditorium, Ashaley Botwe. Hosted by Bishop Dominic Allotey, the summit will have several guests gracing the event including Dr. Michael Boadi Nyamekye, Bishop Tackie-Yarboi, Archbishop Agyinasare, Dr. Robert Ampiah Kwofie and A.P General Sam Korankye Ankrah.


In addressing the press, Bishop Allotey bemoaned the current state of the country. With the consistent increase in the cost of living, unemployment, and illegal mining activities, he pointed to the failure of the church to instil the correct beliefs and principles into their members as a cause of this. He emphasized that most churches have ended up being institutions of slavery where members are dominated by leaders.


“We live in a society where most churches have become a place of slavery where people are controlled and take authority over. I don’t understand why on a Tuesday morning, Wednesday morning, and Thursday morning a church should open and have a prayer meeting when people should be going to work. Instead of allowing the people to go to work, you keep them in the church. That is not from GOD.”

Picture: Ghanaians protesting over high cost of living


He further stressed how believers especially African believers have over-emphasized prayer and spirituality to the detriment of physical work. This he said, allows some men and women of GOD to take advantage of them. According to Bishop Allotey, he has been sent out to preach the message of dominion to all believers. 


Aside from the message which will be preached, the church will hold a give away session on the 5th of November for all members of the community. According to Bishop Allotey, food, clothing, and medicine will be provided for free to anyone who attends. The summit promises to be life-changing and uplifting.

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