Narcotics addiction especially weed has become a bane in the side of society for decades. Renowned Gospel artist, Kobby Mantey in a conversation with Fifi Folson on the Gospel Drive Online, revealed he was a victim of this cancer.

Although born into a Christian home with a prayerful mother, he was not positively affected by it as he was yet to experience Christ for himself.

In the interview, he revealed that as a kid, peer pressure got to his bad side, causing him to start smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol as early as 9 years old. The train of bad decisions did not end there. Upon gaining admission to Accra Academy, he was introduced to marijuana by other students and became addicted to it.  He added that he ventured down this road partly as a result of the lack of supervision his parents had over him.

Picture: Gospel artist, Kobby Mantey

Even with the passing of the Narcotics Control Commission Bill 2019 in 2020 by the parliament of Ghana, the country was ranked by the African Organised Crime Index (AOCI) as the 3rd highest illicit cannabis-producing country in West Africa and 14th on the continent in 2021.

In Ghana, research indicates that 5.3% of SHS students nationwide use marijuana in one form or another which unfortunately leads to increased suicidal thoughts among them.

The International Narcotics Control released a report alerting the public to the increased Tetrahydrocannabidol (THC) levels in marijuana products. This, they indicated, leads to higher chances of addiction and developing negative psychotic effects.

Marijuana intake affects all age groups and individuals. Pregnant women risk their unborn baby suffering from low birth weight and retrogressive fetal brain development whiles adolescents also tend to experience decreased cognitive abilities, loss of IQ, and lower educational attainment.

Experts advised against the use of the drug in any form as continuous intake could lead to psychosis, suicidal ideation, actual suicide, schizophrenia, and addiction-like behavior.