Moko B3 By Pastor Nii Okai

Moko b3 was written in 1999 while in Cotonou, Benin as a French year abroad student, and was produced and released December 2003.

Around the time this song was written, Nii Okai had lost his dad and it became for him, a period of seeking God for himself. He said he would wake up and go to the beach early to pray. Soon God started dropping melodies in his spirit.

First, it started with the rearrangement of existing melodies, and then fresh melodies. Moko b3 was one of those songs he received during that period.

He said he taught the song to his team when he was home on vacation and they felt something on the song. During that period, they were invited to a church and they decided to sing Moko b3, which at the time was only a verse and chorus, and the power of God manifested.

3years later, he decided to record an album of 10 praise songs the Lord had given him - they were mostly twi songs. He had no intention of recording Moko b3 on that album. It was his producer, who also happens to be a very good friend of his, KODA, who convinced him to put Moko b3 on the album.

The response he got from those who heard Moko b3 was what encouraged him to shoot a view for the song.

He said at the time, he had no interest in being a recording artist. He was the music director for many choirs, just doing ministry. So, after the video was shot, he went on an already planned mission’s trip to the US and instructed his brother to send the video to a couple of media houses for promotion. As the story was told him on his return, other media houses wanted the video too and so they circulated it amongst themselves.

On his return to Ghana, MTN Label approached him and asked to promote the song. That was how he shot to fame.




Mi jɛ oyi, Nuntsɔ, mi jɛ oyi
(I praise you, Lord, I praise you)

Moko b
ɛ ni tamɔ bo
None compares with you)

ɛ nilee, y3 suomo, Yɛ fɛo kɛ hewale
(In wisdom, love
, beauty and strength)

ɔ, moko bɛ ni tamɔ bo
O Lord, there is no one like You)

Na nyomɔ, tsɛ ofee, nyam mantsɛ
Adonai, Elshadai, Glorious King)

ɛna nitsumɔi mii jiɛ oyi
(Your handiworks are praising you)

O m
ɔbɔ na yɛ lɛ daa
(Your mercy

O nitsum
ɔi bɛ naagbee
(Eternal are your works)

ɔ, moko bɛ ne tamɔ bo
O Lord, there is none like you)

Leilei, moko b
ɛ ne tamɔ bo
Surely, there is none like you)

Moko b
ɛ ni tamɔ bo
Lord, there is no one like You)

Mikɛ mitsui baa kanfo bo
I’ll extol you with my heart)

ɛ migbɛɛ baa jie oyi
I will praise you with my voice)

ɛ mijwɛmo kɛ lala
In my thought and with my song)

Baa jie oyi daa k
ɛ daa
(I will praise you
forever more)


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