Gone may be the days when almost everyone had physical idols in their homes. Although there may be people who still worship physical idols, the scale in which they exist has reduced. In our current era, most of these idols of the old testament are now more intangible than tangible, their effects are no less on the human heart.

Picture: Statue of Baphomet (idol)

Lifeway Research surveyed 1,000 protestant pastors in 2021 concerning idols that prevent Christians from developing a true relationship with GOD. The results were truly eye-opening.


At the top of their list of Christian-GOD relationship hindrances is comfort. Closely followed by money, success, approval, social influence, political power, and sex or romantic love.


The founder of Lifeway Research, Director Scott McConnell in response to this, stated that “It’s easy to think that those in Christian churches have chosen their God and are faithful to Him. However, pastors quickly acknowledge how divided their congregations’ allegiances can be. These gods don’t have a physical shine, but they compete for the hearts of Christians.”


“Comfort and security draw the hearts of most congregations, but they are often enabled by the pursuit of more money. “Pastors of higher socioeconomic levels are quicker to recognize the influence of security and control while pastors of lower socioeconomic levels more readily see the draw of comforts,” he added.

Picture: Various intangible idols

The findings of this survey are not new. It is a confirmation of what scripture has foretold would happen. In Matthew 24:10-12, we are made to understand that there will be a time when many will fall from the faith and the love of many for GOD will grow cold.


Jesus Christ is not against his people becoming wealthy, comfortable, or having a loving life. He however is against placing that before the purpose He has given them. GOD is not oblivious to their needs but He wants them to trust in Him for provision for all of them.