The head of the Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis has raised concerns regarding the rate at which priests and nuns watch pornography. Members of the convent who are perceived as pure and pious by the public are not free from the temptation porn presents in this modern world and in addressing a Vatican session, the Pope urged them to delete all pornographic materials from their phones.

Picture: Head of Roman Catholic Church, Pope Francis


According to the Vatican News, the Pope during the meeting also spoke about his relationship with technology and his discomfort with modern digital tools. Although he may not be attracted to technology, he urged the members of the convent to utilise it effectively.


He further emphasized the dangers of the internet, such as digital pornography, which presents a temptation for many, including religious. "It weakens the soul. It weakens the soul. The devil enters from there: it weakens the priestly heart", he warned.


“Dear brothers, pay attention to this. And if you can delete this from your mobile phone, delete it, so you won’t have the temptation in hand,” he added.

Picture: Negative effects of pornography


Individuals who give themselves up into priesthood are expected by order to desist from engaging in sexual activities including sex and watching pornography. However, over the years, some priests have been found to be doing the exact opposite.


In September 2020, a Louisiana priest, Reverend Travis Clark, was recorded having sex with two (2) ladies on the altar of his church. This act sent ripples across the Catholic church and led to the reverend being arrested on charges of obscenity and being later suspended from the archdiocese. Aside from this case, videos of priests engaging in homosexuality over the years have received lots of traction with a number of the priests who engaged in them currently under investigation. 


Could these cases be related to the consumption of pornographic materials? The answer to the question stands to be debated.


While the Pope has been healthy during much of his papacy, recent medical issues have raised questions about whether Francis could retire, and he has acknowledged that he could have to slow down his globe-trotting pace. In December, he will become the oldest sitting pope since the 1800s.