Most if not all people, have heard of pornography and a number may even know a couple of pornographic sites. Since the inception of internet pornography in the 1990’s, it has grown exponentially,


The first pornographic porn site has been crediting to founded by Gary Kremen in 1994. Since then, according to Satistica, 4% of all websites globally are now porn websites.

Picture: Over 4% of all websites on the internet are pornographic websites

The porn industry which as at 2022, is estimated to be worth $100 billion, has a staggering 28,258 users watching pornography and over $3,000 is spent on pornographic websites every second.


These statistics are just the tip of this destructive iceberg. The sites promote all sorts of demonic sexual tendencies from homosexuality, bestiality, masturbation and incest and paint it as erotic and normal. They can also be seen in the movie industry. It is now hard to find top movies and series that do not have a homosexual or transgender character in it.


This cancer, has spread quickly into every country on the planet and the church has not been left out. Statistics from Covenant Eyes indicate that, 1 in 5 youth pastors and 1 in 7 senior pastor are currently struggling with porn addiction. In the US alone, that’s over 50,000 pastors.


In 2021, Ghana was ranked the 2nd highest porn watching country in the world after Nigeria. Considering our population size in comparison to other countries with a much larger population and coming second, it is deeply concerning.  Ghana which is labelled as a religious country with 71% of the population being Christians and 17% being Muslims, it is indeed concerning that even with our regard of religion, we are still ranked high.


A sociologist at the University of Ghana, Prof. Akosua K. Darkwah in an interview with Joy TV last year, indicated that, if many Ghanaians are watching pornographic materials, then what does it tells us [Ghanaians] about our sexuality; our sex life. They are many aspects of our lives especially dealing with matters of sexuality that we fail to address and we think the more we stick our heads in the sun ostriches the better off we are or if we deny it long enough it will disappear but that does not how the world works; it does exist, we have to recognize that it does exist


She also blamed this on the failure of society teach the younger generation about their sexuality and pornography. She added that, this ends up pushing the youth into such things as they have little to no knowledge about it.

Picture: Ghana was ranked second highest porn watching country in the world

Watching pornography is just the beginning of a long fall that leads to masturbation, fornication and whole lot of sexual perversion. And what is the solution for this long standing and spreading disease? The answer is to flee.


The Bible says in 1 Corinthians 6:18 “Flee sexual immorality. Every sin a doeth is without the body; but he that commits sexual immorality sins against his own body”. Simply put anything that resembles sexual immorality or is sexually wrong should be avoided.


It is not a task that can easily be carried out in your own and that is the reason why we have the help of the Holy Spirit. HE will keep you from sin and give you the strength to to turn the other way from sexually immorality.

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