Award-winning Nigerian Gospel artiste, Dunsin Oyekan, by nothing short of a miracle survived a life-threatening motor accident on Saturday, 3rd September 2022. This happened as the singer and his crew were en route to a church ministration at the Sword of the Spirit Ministries in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Picture: Nigerian Gospel musician, Dunsin Oyekan (the Eagle)

The artiste who was travelling with 2 other members of his team in a Toyota Land Cruiser Prado with license plate FST 125F0 reportedly collided with a cargo trailer. None of his team members sustained serious injuries but were unconscious and had to be transferred to the hospital for treatment.


Considering the deplorable state of the vehicle, the artiste popularly known as The Eagle left the scene without suffering a single injury nor did he have a drop of blood on him. Instead of seeking time to recover from what he had experienced, he did what surprised many. He left the scene and continued to the event to minister. This is likened to when Apostle Paul was stoned and dragged out of the city by the Jews. Assuming he was dead, the Jews left his body but after they had gone, he arose and went back into the city with Barnabas. The following day he went into the city of Derbe to continue preaching the Gospel of Christ. This spirit of perseverance has been admired by many.


During his ministration, Dunsin Oyekan shared his near death experience with the congregation. He said “The devil tried everything not to make me come here today. If you saw the accident scene that I came out of, you can never believe that I walked out alive.


He recounted how he took a nap and woke up to realize that the vehicle he was in was under a trailer.


“To think we were coming here, and I said let me sleep a bit so that I can be refreshed for the meeting and the next thing. I just knew we were somewhere, and the jeep had gone under the trailer.

 “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, If you are looking for a miracle, this is a miracle standing here,” he added.

Picture: Dunsin Oyekan accident


To give thanks for the divine escape from death, Dunsin Oyekan went on his Instagram page to express his gratitude to GOD. In the post, he said, “YHWH. Jehovah El-Dunsin. TO YHWH belong escapes from death.”. To those who knew of his miraculous escape, he entreated them to look at him as a testimony that GOD is real and He is LORD and KING.


Thousands of his fans and other artistes, joined him in the comment section to show their support and also to thank GOD for what many have described as a true miracle.


All through the scripture, records of the miracles the people of GOD have experienced are littered from start to finish. Testimonies referencing the power of GOD to save, defend and restore. In Psalm 91:1-7, David provides a picture of who GOD is not just to him but to all believers. GOD is our refuge and our strength and HE will protect us under HIS wings. HIS love for all is unconditional and all HE wants from believers is to trust in HIM and surrender all. 

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