Nigeria’s president, H.E Muhammadu Buhari says law and order agencies are rightly treating sexual harassment in the country's universities as a form of corruption as it has reached alarming proportions.


Speaking at a summit on tackling corruption in the public sector, the president said he was aware of the revolting state of corruption in the nation's tertiary institutions. President Buhari, who did not provide any statistics, noted that several agencies are investigating and prosecuting sexual harassment as an abuse of power in educational institutions.

Picture: President of Nigeria, President Buhari


The issue of sex for grades in tertiary institutions across West Africa has been disheartening, to say the least, and is normally used by lecturers to demand sex to pass their students


In 2019, the BBC Africa eye launched a documentary into the sex-for-grades scandal at the University of Lagos, Nigeria, and the University of Ghana. The documentary uncovered senior lecturers from these institutions who sexually harassed, and put under pressure female reporters posing as students.