The issue of finding a balance between providing for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being is a puzzle some believers are yet to solve. Paying close attention to the needs of these key aspects - body, soul, and spirit; is a task the host of the Good Day, Esenam Tetteh on Kristocentric Station has encouraged believers to take seriously

Picture: Good Day on Kristocentric Station with Esenam Tetteh

Based on studies during the month of strength at the Kristocentric Station, she highlighted how the body, soul, and spirit are interconnected and need each other in peak condition to function properly in the light of GOD’s will. Some believers have made the habit of paying more attention to their spiritual growth to the detriment of the needs of the soul and the body whiles others lean more towards feeding the body than the others. This false balance has led to several Christians falling to sin, being unable to fulfill their God-given purpose, and even death.


The body being one part of the human trinity, constantly needs food to properly function. In 2019, a South African pastor by the name of Pastor Alfred Ndlovu, in an attempt to emulate the fasting of Jesus passed away from malnutrition. This is an example of one side of the extremes. In an attempt to acquire spiritual ascension, some believers forget that the world is of a physical plain and in order to live in it, the body is required. Feeding the body and feeding the flesh are 2 different things. The flesh when used in the Bible, refers to the sinful nature of man. On the other hand, the body talks about the physical for man possesses. The body on its own is not evil as some may assume but rather good. It was the first thing God created for man and after being brought to life was provided with food in the garden to eat from.


In Ephesians 5:29, the scripture gave a standard of how we are to take care of the body. That standard is, as Christ took care of the church. Pastor Rick Warren in addressing why the believer should not neglect the physical said “For change to happen in any area of your life, whether it’s financial, vocational, educational, mental, or relational, you have to begin with the physical. Why? Because your body affects your behavior. Your muscles affect your moods and your motivation. Your physiology can actually affect your psychology. Regardless of how spiritual a believer may seem if the body lacks the spirit will be unable to complete its task.


Although the body needs to be provided for, Esenam Tetteh during the show expressed the need to also fortify the spirit with the Word of GOD by meditating on it and GOD’s promises. This has the potential of influencing the actions of the flesh into moving in the right direction. In Matthew 4:4, it is said that a believer cannot live by just satisfying the flesh but the words that come from GOD. These words serve as the life force and strength of every believer and serve as a guide, an instruction manual, and a solid foundation to live by. Aside the Word and the promises, she further encouraged believers to engage in consistent prayer to increase their level of spiritual strength.