The ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ concert led by worship ministers Nathaniel Bassey, Victoria Orenze and Dunsin Oyekan made history as they completely filled the 12,500 seater  OVO Arena, UK on the 24th of July 2022.

The concert which was a non-denominational revival worship meeting put together to contribute to the revival of the body, was free and open to both Christians and non-believers. Tickets for the concert were randomly issued to people via the AXS website.


The OVO Arena which  costs 29,000 pounds every 3 hours, was fully packed as Christians and non believers alike across England and abroad, flooded the theatre to experience the power of GOD in worship.  Tickets which on average depending on the performing act costs over 37 pounds, were given completely free.


Thousands of those attending had their hands,voices and flashlights lifted as the atmosphere was filled with the Spirit of GOD from start to finish.


It may be difficult to understand how such as concert especially being held in the highly regarded OVO Arena can be free but all those in attendance were filled with gratitude for that.

During the concert, Nathaniel Bassey gave thanks to the sponsors of the event as their various contributions were more than enough to cover all costs of the concert from the venue to all equipment used for the life changing event. He however, spoke against individuals who had attempted to sell concert tickets to unsuspecting individuals for a fee for the sake of profit


Nathaniel Bassey through the years is known for his worship ministry which is always accompanied by several testimonies of healing, deliverance and breakthrough in all areas. Minister Nathaniel Bassey and his shows are never known to be priced and are mainly free but this never watered down the mighty power of GOD that flows through each and every one of them.


At the end of the concert, Nathaniel announced that this would not be the last and there possibly will be many more concerts of this kind coming soon in Dubai and the Netherlands.

At the end of the concert, a number of people in attendance requested for more of this in the UK as it rekindles the spirit within them for GOD.


Jesus Christ called out to all who are heavy burdened to come to HIM for rest. Coming into his presence brings peace. It is now up to Christians especially ministers to organize opportunities for people to come into GOD’s presence for praise and worship. It may be expensive but the money should never be the focus but rather the souls that will be won through this.


In the end, it is key that all GOD given gifts be used for his glory and for the salvation of souls not for money. If money is the motive, then the purpose of salvation is defeated.

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