The Blessing Song By Elevation Worship, Cody Carnes and Kari Jobe

Pastor Stephen Furtick, Elevation Worship, Cody Carne's , Kari Jobe and others met for a song writing appointment. They had managed to write a song by the time the song writing appointment was over. So they decided to do a quick recording of the song before they leave.

As they set up the instruments to record, a melody they had previously started working on came to mind, so Pastor Steve sung it for it to be recorded. The song was incomplete and he had no idea what else would go with it.

When he tried moving on from the melody he had just sang so they could record the song they had just written, the rest of the team said no, let’s work on it. Knowing their song writing appointment was over, he wondered if they really wanted to stay and do a new song.

They camped on the melody and Cordy Carnes started playing something, so Stephen Furtick told Cordy to go to number 6 and see if they could write a benediction. Cordy then started singing, the lord bless you ……….

Then Kari Jobe added the bit about ….your family and their child

When they thought they were done, God gave them the blessing song.



The Lord bless you

 And keep you

 Make His face shine upon you

And be gracious to you

The Lord turn His

 Face toward you

And give you peace




May His favor

be upon you

And a thousand generations

And your family

And your children

And their children

And their children

May His presence

go before you

And behind you

And beside you

All around you

And within you

He is with you

He is with you


In the morning

In the evening

In your coming

And your going

In your weeping

And rejoicing

He is for you

He is for you

He is for you

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