The UK-based Ghanaian Gospel artiste and teacher, Samuel Refined, has called for Christian teachers globally to use their faith to influence their behavior at work for them to positively impact their students.


In a statement he made on the Gospel Drive Online with host, Fifi Folson, addressing Christian teachers, he emphasized that their impact in the workplace is valuable and cannot be ignored. He however added that their faith must be visible through their character and work ethics.

Picture: Samuel Refined

According to him being able to impart knowledge to others and make them better at something is a great opportunity that Christian teachers must not take lightly. It must take precedence over making money or going on paid holidays. He added that children need teachers whose lives reflect Christ in every way. In the way they teach, the way they see their students, and how they relate to them.


From his experience, not all students are equal academically. As a Christian teacher and by studying the life of Christ, he has learned not to give up or pass judgment on those who may not be as academically inclined, but rather in partnership with their parents, find solutions to help the child improve. 


When asked by the host how he expresses his faith, especially in an institution where the rules clamp down on freedom of expression, he responded by saying the rules of the school in the end are supreme and must be respected. ‘Breaking these rules may cause more harm than good’, he added. 


It however does not change his stand on his faith. Although he may not be able to publicly say JESUS is LORD, he can show who Christ is through his character and the way he relates with others. 


His request for more Christian teachers does not apply to only education. Strong and dedicated Christians are needed in every sphere of life. In every work environment, every class, and every corner. It is one thing to be a Christian and it is another to show others you are a Christian. Without showing who you represent, no one will know. The showing of your faith through the way you talk, how you relate to others, and how you relate to situations, maybe just enough to draw someone to Christ. 


A perfect example of this is Christ Himself. Thousands were drawn to him not because of who He is but because of what He did, what He spoke, and how He did things. Words may be powerful but your actions have more power. Show Jesus Christ where ever you are and they will be drawn to the savior.


Samuel Refined who released his songs titled “STRONG FINISH” and “FOREVER” which are currently streaming on Youtube and all platforms is set to release another hit with season Gospel artiste MOG Music.

Picture: Strong Finish by Samuel Refined

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