The journey of Ghanaian gospel artiste, Kennedy Elikem Kobla Blege known as Ken Blege is not one of the roses. The artiste in an interview with Fifi Folson on the Gospel Drive Online revealed that he initially had no plans of going to music. This is a result of his hoarse voice but he decided to pursue it anyway with the help of a vocal coach. 


According to him, his first opportunity to minister was one to forget. In 1995, he experienced stage fright just when he mounted the stage to sing. He did not just freeze but also forgot the lyrics to the song he was to perform. It was only in 2003, that the artiste had another opportunity to minister in HO but this time with guidance. Since then his career has been on an uptrend.


However, before his success on stage, he battled with mental issues which pushed him to almost commit suicide, Due to the severity, he had to be hospitalized and counselled before acquiring the strength to deal with the issues.


His story has been one of a few highs and many lows but they all made him into the Christian he is now.



In addressing the history behind his new release “You Love Me”, Ken Blege could not help himself but acknowledge how his trials and tribulations played a pivotal role in writing it. According to the artiste, it was through these lows that he realized how much GOD loved him.


During the interview, he said, “Christ came to die for me and I am alive today because he came. He didn’t allow me to get destroyed or be part of the damned. HE gave me the chance to be saved. In the midst of all this, I remember, HE loves me”.


The song is a blend of different flows and genres making it a unique sound. The artiste decided to blend Mexican, Jazz, Adowa and Agbadza rhythms and although he initially found difficulty doing this, he did manage to get a perfect balance. It is a song worth listening to.


You Love Me can be streamed on all music streaming platforms.


Click HERE to stream video on Youtube.

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